May 10, 2017 | Category: Blog

What Brings You Back to a Café?

There’s a café next to my office and up until 9am they serve delicious, ready to go coffee for a two-dollar coin. Anyone who has bought a coffee in Australia some time in the last say, five years, will know that this is an awesome price for a decent coffee. You don’t even have to wait, all you have to do is line up for about ten seconds and you’re served a takeaway cup full of deliciousness from a lovely café attendant.

There are some slight downfalls, as to be brutally honest, the coffee isn’t always the best one you’re ever going to drink, which can be expected given the outrageous speed at which they hand their coffees out. In any situation, it sucks to get an average morning coffee, but the great standard of service, the convenience, and the price is what keeps me coming back morning after morning, read to take the gamble on the often-touch-and-go coffee. 

You have to be pleasant 

Personally speaking, I would prefer to get an almost subpar coffee from a fantastic bunch of staff than the most delicious, fanciful, five-dollar magic latte from the most beautiful and gorgeous barista in the world if they were a bit of a spanner. There’s something about unlikeable café staff that is enough to send you to the closest 7/11 to get your morning coffee. The arrogant, dismissive, tatted up barista is a staff member we just don’t need, and I think most people would agree that even if they made the world’s best coffee you’d be happy settling for second best in place of friendly service. 

Of course, the coffee has to be somewhat good 

Naturally it can’t go the other way: you don’t want an absolutely terrible coffee just because it was served to you by the Australian of the Year. Terrible coffee earns itself a reputation for being terrible, and probably would send you back around the corner to said jerk tatted up hipsterista (not sure if I made that term up just now – but it’s basically any beanie-wearing, house music-blasting, thin moustached-donning barista found in the inner-city region of most cosmopolitan cities of the country). You can’t support crap coffee guy just because he’s a bloody nice guy, you’re just giving him false hope that his crap coffee is actually good, and when everyone else stops going because they just can’t stomach the stuff anymore, you’ll be the one left behind with them crying on your shoulder when you’re the only one there digesting the burnt, bitter liquid. 

So where does this leave us? 

It leaves us in one position: make good coffee whilst being a bunch of good people, it’s a simple combination that brings people coming back to a café. So, long as you’re friendly and make a decent coffee, you’ll have the customers coming back time after time. What do people say when they talk about a good café? They say, ‘yeah it’s really good coffee and the staff are really nice,’ simple.

There needs to be a middle ground of both, that’s what keeps me coming back to a café, plain and simple.

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